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Configuring Footer Style 3

MyBag's footer has 2 rows.

  • The first row is called Footer Widgets.
  • The second row is called Bottom Bar.

Here is the Footer's anatomy:

The Footer Widgets is the top most row in the footer. It is a widgetized area and can be populated from Appearance > Widgets > Footer Widgets.

In the preview it has 4 widgets. Technically it is possible to have more than or less than 4 widgets and the width will be automatically adjust to be equally shared by the number of widgets.

By default the footer widgets is populated with 4 widgets and they are :

  1. The First Widget has two sections and these 2 sections can be configured via MyBag > Footer.

    • Logo - This is the same as the website logo and can be set from MyBag > Footer > Use Header Logo.

    • Footer Contact Info - The default value is " Nam libero tempore, cum soluta nobis est ses eligendi optio cumque cum soluta nobis est ses eligendi optio cumque." and can be changed from MyBag > Footer > Footer Contact Info.

  2. Custom Menu Widget - configured to display Customer Care Menu

  3. MyBag Recent Posts Widget - configured to display Recent Blog Post

  4. MailChimp Sign-Up Form Widget - configured to display Newsletter Form

Bottom Bar

The Bottom Bar has copyright information and can be configured via MyBag > Footer.

  1. Copyright Information - the default is "© 2016 MyBag"