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Adding Products

Now for the fun stuff, adding your products! But before diving into your first product you should familiarise yourself with how product categories, tags and attributes work. Read in detail about managing products.

Additional Product Information

In addition to the product information that can be added to a product, MediaCenter allows you to add and display two more important information to a product. They are Product Brands and Product Labels.

This feature is available via Media Center Extensions plugin that comes bundled with the theme. Make sure the plugin is installed and activated. Lets see in detail about these two product taxonomies.

  1. Product Brands
  2. Product Labels

Adding Brands and Labels to your Product

While adding a product you can add the information you will have the Brands and Labels section displayed. You can add Brand and Label information to your Product just like you add product tags.

If the Brands and Labels sections are not visible,

  1. Click on Screen Options dropdown which is available top-right of your screen.
  2. Check on Brands and Labels check boxes under Show on screen section.