Theme Documentation


General Guidelines

To create a new menu :

  1. Navigate to Appearance > Menus .
  2. Click on Create a new menu, give the menu a name.
  3. Now to the left are available menu items that can be added to the screen, check the items you want to add and click on Add to Menu button.
  4. The items are now added to Menu, you can then sort and lay the menu items in levels by drag and drop.
  5. Click on Save Menu.
  6. After you have saved the menu, hook the menu to any of the available MediaCenter Nav menu locations.
Deep Diving : Read more about Wordpress Menus at Wordpress Menu User Guide.

MediaCenter has four navigation menu locations. They are :

  1. Top Bar Left Navigation
  2. Top Bar Right Navigation
  3. Main Navigation
  4. Shop by Departments Navigation
Note: Main Navigation is not available for Header Style 1

By default Bootstrap supports only single level dropdown. This is keeping in mind various devices that Bootstrap supports. MediaCenter theme has tweaked Bootstrap's code to support more than one level. However we do not recommend dropdown level more than one level deep.

Dropdown menu can be triggered by either : Click or Hover action. Once the dropdown menu is triggered, it can be shown with or without an animation. There are more than 25 animation effects available for dropdown trigger animation including :

  1. BounceIn
  2. FadeIn
  3. FlipIn
  4. LightSpeedIn
  5. RotateIn
  6. RoleIn
  7. ZoomIn

Note : Dropdown trigger and animation are available only for first level dropdown. Dropdown levels more than one level deep are triggered on hover and fadeInUp animation.

Language and Currency Switcher

Language and Currency Switchers are available when you use WPML Plugin and WooCommerce Multilingual WPML Plugin for your website.

Our theme is Translation and RTL ready.

You can enable/disable language/currency switcher and display them along with either top bar left menu or top bar right menu. The configuration for this is available in MC Options > Navigation Tab and scoll down to Language and Currency Switcher section.

Disclaimer : We are affilate partners of WPML plugin and we receive a commission when you make a purchase by clicking on the links above.