Theme Documentation

Theme Color

MediaCenter comes with 6 predefined color schemes. You can also create your own scheme and use it.

Using a predefined color

  1. Navigate to MC Options page.
  2. Select Styling tab
  3. Choose Yes for Use a predefined color scheme option.
  4. Choose the color of your choice from the dropdown for Main Theme Color. Colors available : green, blue, red, orange, navy and dark green.
  5. Click on Save Changes button.

Using a custom theme color

Using a custom color is simple but it requires a few extra steps.

  1. Navigate to assets/less/custom-color.less file.
  2. On line 7, set @primary-color to the color of your choice as a HEX value.
  3. Compile assets/less/custom-color.less file to assets/css/custom-color.css
  4. You can also use to compile the LESS file and copy the output to assets/css/custom-color.css

Method 2 : Using CSS and Find and Replace

  1. Navigate to assets/css/green.css file.
  2. Copy the entire file content and paste it in assets/css/custom-color.css.
  3. Open assets/css/custom-color.css file using your favourite code editor.
  4. Do a find and replace of green color which is #59b210 with your choice of color as a HEX value.
  5. We have also used darken and lighten version of the primary color. Replace them as well. Use to find out the lighten and darken values for your color.