Theme Documentation


After you've successfully uploaded and activated Bewear theme, it is time to setup the theme.

General Setup

The first step after activating the theme is to take care of General configuration settings which are :

  1. Adding your own Logo to your website.
  2. Configuring the menus that go in the Primary Menu.
  3. Configuring the information that is displayed in the footer.

Click here to know more about general setup in detail.

WooCommerce Settings

Adding Products

Now that we've configured the general settings of the theme, its time for the fun stuff, adding your products! But before diving into your first product you should familiarise yourself with how product categories, tags and attributes work. Read in detail about adding and managing products using WooCommerce here :

While adding products, Bewear theme allows you to add additional information to the products, that additional information is Product Attributes. Read about managing Product Attributes by clicking here.

Product Archive/ Shop Page

After adding the products, you need to configure how the product items are displayed : Click here to know more about that.

Blog Page

After the shop page, we'll configure our blog page. Click here to read about setting up the blog page.

Building Pages

Now that we have configured our product archive/ shop page and blog page, it is turn for us to build other pages. Read more about general guidelines to building pages. You should also make use of the Pre-Built pages and guidelines to create WooCommerce Pages.

We have added products to your shop and pages to your website. We need to make sure that the pages and products are accessible. For that we need to setup the navigation of the website through navigation menus. Click here for more details.