Theme Documentation

Theme Options Panel


The Theme Options panel helps you easily take control over the appearance of your site, by allowing you to upload your logo, style the theme with the colors you choose, change fonts, turn features on and off, without having to write any code.

To access it, navigate to the Bewear section in the WordPress dashboard.

Export Your Options

A backup copy of your setting in the Theme Options panel might come in handy when you want to try different things in terms of customization or if you want to transfer the settings from another site.

Export your options by navigating to the Import / Export section of the panel and click the Download button. Keep this file safe so you can import it back at a later time.

Import Options

You can import a set of settings kept in a backup file or you can transfer options from another site using an url.

WARNING! The import data will overwrite all existing option values, please proceed with caution!